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Guest blogging with Loud Speaker

You’re always welcome to share your original writings on www.loudspeakerspeak.com as well as on Loud Speaker‘s social media pages and be a part of the contributors’ community.

Here are few guest blogging guidelines to remember before submission:

  1. You can submit your content either in the form of short writings or in the form of long articles.
  2. Long articles should be of a minimum 350 and can reach upto 1000 words. You can also use appropriate images and graphics in addition to your content.
  3. The English language is recommended. However, you can also submit in other languages too.
  4. Refrain from using slang words.
  5. Always review your work before submission.
  6. No copyrighted content. Do not copy content from other websites on the internet because they have the right to take it down. Also make sure that you haven’t shared the same content on any other platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or any other website). Only original and exclusive content.
  7. Mention your Name, Valid email, Valid Phone Number, and your Instagram Username carefully in addition to your email. It’s for your identity confirmation as well as giving you credits in your writings.
  8. By submitting your content, you are giving Loud Speaker useful rights to review, edit as well as publish your exclusive content on the website or any other platform which can either be online or offline with you being the owner.

Thanks for your patience throughout the reading. Click on the ‘Submit’ button below to share your short writings. You can also e-mail your long articles to info@loudspeakerspeak.com  in word (.docx) format. No other format (like jpg, png, pdf, etc.) will be accepted. Your content will be published once it is reviewed. Happy writing.