Friends?? More than Friends?? Friends with Benefits??

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is a writer, blogger, content creator, digital marketer, and an engineer. He started blogging in 2016. Social Media junkie and food lover.

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  1. Vibhuti verma says:

    Yes, a girl and a guy can surely be best of friends if they’re infactuated or physically involved with each other. This age elevates attraction levels and things might take turns, which is totally okay. But, just one thumb rule for such kinda bond to work is that both the people involved must be on the same page. Not behind, not ahead. But exactly on the same coordinates of the graph. Because things get fucked up when there are expectation for more, which only when one side is on a high/low than the other side. Talking helps. Communicating about the exact feeling that pops in your head, they should know. They deserve to. Plus then there’s no scope for imbalance. Hence, sorted!

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