Off Page SEO Techniques: What To Do And Not To Do!

Best off page SEO techniques

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There are millions of articles on the internet which can tell you what is off-page SEO and how to do it. Still, the internet is full of people having doubts and concerns e.g. “How to do link building?”, “How many backlinks to get in a day?” or “Will backlinks negatively affect the rankings?”

But before starting with off-page SEO, make sure you are done with your on-page SEO. If not, check these 3 Easy SEO Tricks which can help you rank. I’ll be using these tricks on this blog post as well.

What is off page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is basically raising awareness of your website. It’s like publicizing your website on various platforms.

It’s not just limited to link building these days.

Modern off-page SEO techniques involve generating overall brand awareness. For e.g. mentioning your brand name or URL on other websites without any hyperlink also count as an off-page SEO technique. You are not generating any backlink in this but still, it’s creating awareness for your website, and this signals search engines that your site is trustworthy and is worth ranking.

How off-page SEO is different than on-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to activities done on the website while activities done away from the website are counted as off-page SEO. Generally, commenting on blogs, posting links on forums, directories, and other websites, or guest posting on other blogs are all counted as link building under off-page SEO activities. You generate backlinks for your website and gather as much link juice as possible to improve your domain score.

So basically, you promote your website on platforms other than your own and gather link juice as much as possible.

How to do off page SEO?

Before starting with off-page SEO, do check that you are done with your on-page SEO. You don’t want to give your website visitors a bad user experience and increase your bounce rate. That can hurt your website’s ranking badly.

To begin with off-page SEO, you can start with link building by commenting on other blogs. Now do note in this that you don’t have to sound spammy. Be nice and write a genuine comment on blogs so they won’t feel that you are there just to build backlinks.

You can appreciate them for sharing the article and how it helped you in expanding your horizon. Or you can point out a reference from the article and share your opinion on it. Just keep it flowing smoothly.

Apart from that, you can approach other bloggers who belong to your niche and request them to guest post on their blog and get a backlink in return to your website. In all, you both can mutually benefit each other.

Next, you can move on to more advanced SEO levels and start posting links on directories, bookmark sites, forums, and article submission sites.

In 3 to 6 months of continuous off-page SEO activity, you will notice your website ranking on search engine results and getting more traffic organically than ever.

Now the real question arises…

How many backlinks you should generate in a day?

There is no definitive answer to that. While there is no limit on how many backlinks you can generate in a single day, you should stick to the strategy of building more quality backlinks rather than just keep building links blatantly. Building quality backlinks can improve your page rank while on the other hand, building spammy links can drive google to penalize your website for using black-hat SEO techniques.

A single good quality backlink is better than 100 bad quality links.

Now you must be wondering…

How to differentiate between good quality backlinks and bad quality backlinks?

It is easy to tell which is a good quality link and which is a bad quality link. Always look at PA and DA and spam score of that website. PA is Page Authority and DA is Domain Authority. It is a ranking system developed by Moz. It ranks the website out of 100 based on the quality of links to that particular website.

To find PA, DA & spam score, you can install the MozBar Plugin on your chrome browser. It’s a free plugin

Till now, most of your doubts must be clear. But there must be some left which I’ll try to answer using these…


What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the hyperlinks pointing to your website from another blog or webpage. Backlinks are of two types: No-follow and Do-follow. Generating backlinks is considered one of the important off-page SEO techniques.

What are no-follow backlinks?

No-follow backlinks are those where link juice is not passed to the target page or website. But that doesn’t mean your page won’t get any value out of it. No-follow links are still counted as backlinks to your website.

What are do-follow backlinks?

In do-follow backlinks, authority is passed from the webpage to the target website. Do-follow backlinks can actually improve your Domain Authority or Page Rank.

What is link juice?

Link juice in non-technical terms is the value of the hyperlink which is passed to your website from a particular webpage using a do-follow backlink.

What are black hat SEO techniques?

Black-hat SEO are techniques prohibited by search engines. If you are found using blacklisted SEO techniques, search engines can bar your websites from appearing search results.

How to find blogs to guest post?

Most of the websites use the heading “Submit your Article” or “Guest Blog” related terms on their web pages. You can search it on google and get a list of websites that allows guest posting.

You are welcome to share your content on Loud Speaker. Visit the Submit page to know-how!

How many backlinks should a website have?

More is less. There is no limit of backlinks you can generate for your website when it comes to off-page SEO. The more backlinks you have, the better will be your SEO score. Just make sure to generate good quality backlinks.

In this article, I have covered almost everything on Off-Page SEO. I hope you found it informative and useful. If you think I left something or you have any questions in mind you need an answer for, please let me know in the comments. I will be glad to answer your queries.

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