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Competition on Instagram is rising every day. If you are struggling with getting Instagram likes and followers, you are not the only one. It’s not difficult to get organic Instagram growth. Although, it is important to know the right placement technique and how to devise a proper strategy and plan your content. Instagram explore page is one place from where you can generate 1000s of impressions for absolutely no cost. But getting your pictures to trend on the Instagram explore feed is not any rainbow ride.

There are a few things you can try that can make your post appear on the explore page. I tried it on multiple profiles and the results I got were astonishing.

I generated 200k+ impressions from Instagram explore page on not just one but two posts in a row. And that too in less than 48 hours. I want to share it with you guys on how I made it happen.

First of all, it’s not because of luck or any bot service. No automation tool can make it work for you. There is proper planning and strategy behind it and it is all organic, I can say that.

What are the benefits of the Instagram explore page?

It’s obvious that getting your post on Instagram explore page means more reach for your post. It can convert into more likes, more comments, and the addition of more Instagram followers on your page.

And the best thing is all of this is organic and free. You don’t have to spend a single dime on advertising.

So to get your posts on Instagram explore page is no doubt a win-win deal. But the question is how to get on Instagram explore feed?

How to get your posts on the explore feed?

If you are an Instagram celebrity and have hundreds of thousands of followers, I would say it’s pretty easy for you to get your posts to trend on the explore page. However, if you are a budding influencer and thinking about how to get on Instagram explore page, you got to put in some effort. Here are a few things to focus on to make your posts get on Instagram explore page:

1. Content

The first thing to focus on is the content. Are you creating the right content for your page? You can’t have a fashion blog and post about food and expect that picture to go trend on Instagram explore feed.

Not just it is out of your field of expertise but you don’t have an audience for that kind of content. Instagram explore algorithm won’t consider your content is good enough to get on the explore tab.

Your audience followed you for fashion content and not for your cookery skills. It generates a lack of interest in your audience’s mind and you lose their trust in you.

Produce more engaging and relatable content for your audience. Or simply produce more content that is soothing to the eyes.

2. Engage your audience

Analyze what kind of audience you actually have on your page. What does your audience like more about you and what makes them engage with your content? Is it the reels or your pictures they engage with the most?

The audience usually tends to engage with relatable content. If your audience finds your content relatable, your Instagram engagement rate tends to increase to 3x more than usual.

This signals to the Instagram algorithm that your content is worth showing to others and it is more likely to trend on the explore page.

Come up with challenges for your audience. Make them stick to your page more often. But don’t go over the board and throw up. Too much of anything is annoying.

3. Timing

The timing of your post is very important. Analyze when your audience is most active and try to post more often in those hours.

To find out the right timings to post, simply go to your Instagram analytics and find out the hours your audience is most active on a particular day.

Your post gets most of the engagement in its first hour. So try to schedule your content when most of your audience is active to take the benefit of engaging more people.

More engagement in the initial hours signals the Instagram algorithm that your post is valuable and it can consider your post to show on the Instagram explore page.

4. Encourage Call-To-Action (CTA)

Tell your audience to take some action on your post. Simply ask them to double-tap or comment below what they think about the picture or direct them to click a link in your bio.

People usually like to follow the instructions from their favorite influencer so they end up doing exactly the same.

Always remember, the more the engagement, the more your reach will expand. This is how Instagram’s explore algorithm works.

5. Alt Text

Alt text is a great feature on Instagram. Consider this as a keyword insertion tool.

In alt text, you can mention what your picture is about. Instagram algorithm studies your text in the alt text box and tries to show your picture more to the audience interested in that kind of content.

Together, these helped me to trend posts on Instagram explore feed and generate 200k+ impressions all organically.

Getting on the explore page can significantly improve your Instagram performance and help you gain more organic reach, likes, followers, comments, views, and everything you desire to become famous on Instagram.

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