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If somebody asks me about how to check the trustworthiness of a website, the first thing I would recommend is to check its Alexa Rank. A Higher Alexa rank tells a lot about the overall reputation of a website. But how can you improve the Alexa Website Rank?

Before that, you must know what it is and how it works.

What is Alexa Traffic Rank?

Alexa Traffic Rank is the Rank given to a particular website using a global ranking system. It is based on the amount of traffic a website receives from various sources over the past 3 months. Moreover, it tells you about how popular the website is and its global position amongst the millions of websites.

There are two types of Alexa Site Ranking:

  1. Global AlexaTraffic Rank.
  2. Alexa Traffic Rank in Country.

Global Rank tells you about the rank of a particular website in the global directory of websites while

Alexa Country Rank tells you about the rank of your website in a particular country from where your website generates most visits.

Most popular website have Alexa Rank 1.

How Alexa Traffic Rank is Calculated?

According to Alexa, the Rank of a particular website is determined by the amount of traffic a website receives. Additionally, Alexa captures data from multiple browser extensions and websites containing the Alexa script to calculate the Alexa rank.

Alexa rank of an individual site is based on two factors:

  • Amount of unique daily visits a website receives.
  • Average page views of a website in the past 3 months.

How to check Alexa ranking of the website?

You can go to and check your Alexa Traffic Rank for free. Next, type in the URL of the website. It will show you the Alexa site rank along with other metrics of the website and its competitive websites.

Alexa Rank Wikipedia
Alexa Rank and Metrics of

However, you will be prompted to purchase a subscription plan for an in-depth report. The basic subscription plan starts at $19.

Other than that, you can install Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome Extension for your chrome browser and check it for free.

Simply visit the website whose Alexa Rank you want to check and click on the extension to view the Alexa Global Traffic Rank as well as Alexa Traffic Rank in Country.

Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome Extension
Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome Extension

How to Improve Alexa Traffic Rank?

The sole key to improve Alexa traffic rank is by getting more and more traffic on your website.

According to Alexa, Traffic Rank is calculated only by two factors: Unique daily visits and Average page views.

To improve the Alexa Rank:

Start working on improving your SEO score

If your website is ranking at good positions on google search, naturally it will get more traffic. Above all, traffic is the prime key to improve the Alexa rank of a website.

Did you know about these 3 Easy SEO Tricks?

Write more quality-driven content

Content is the most important thing which drives traffic to your website. Write more and more quality content and use appropriate internal linking. Do not waste a single opportunity to drive traffic from one page to another.

Work on your off-page SEO

Alexa uses a tracking script on various websites to determine the Alexa Rank by capturing the traffic data. So, if your off-page SEO score is good, it will definitely help you produce a better Alexa Rank. Get high-quality backlinks and keep working on improving your domain score.

Eventually, with the help of these crucial factors, I successfully brought down the Alexa Rank of a client’s website from 1,10,000+ to near about 22000 in India. Let me know in the comments if these simple tips work for you as well.

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