Instagram Alt Text: Hidden Feature To Get More Likes in 2021

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We are at the dawn of a time where our popularity is measured by how famous we are on Instagram.

More the likes and followers more will be the popularity bar. But getting likes and followers on Instagram organically is a task in itself.

Or I would rather say it’s an art in itself.

I recently started using this Instagram feature and saw a drastic improvement in the engagement rate. I saw over 30% improvement in the Instagram engagement rate just by using this feature.

Do you want to know about it? I am sure you do. I have been trying it on a few Instagram profiles. Now they are getting better engagement than before. Take a look at the insights below.

Instagram alt text

I didn’t have to put much effort. Just a simple thinking process and that is it.

This hidden feature that I am using is alt text.

What is the alt text in Instagram?

According to Instagram, “Alt text describes your photos for people with visual impairments.” But there is more to that.

Alt text is the description of the picture in the text format that tells the Instagram algorithm what is the picture about.

Usually, alt text is automatically generated using Artificial Intelligence but it can never be as better as a self-written description on Instagram.

I would always suggest to write your own alt text. You can define the picture in a simple format for e.g. delicious Chinese food, stunning red outfit or anything that explains your picture better.

This makes it easy for the Instagram algorithm to identify what the picture is about so it can categorize it under the right keywords and show it to right people who will actually be interested in engaging with your post.

Most people don’t know about this feature as Instagram has kept it hidden from what is normally visible to the eyes.

What is the general procedure you follow to upload a post on Instagram?

You choose a picture, write the caption, put hashtags, tag people, tag location and press the share button. Most of the people do this. So if you belong to this category, don’t worry. You are not the only one ignoring that alt text feature.

And really you can’t blame yourself for it. You don’t see the alt text feature on the sharing page of Instagram. So you never got your eyes on it to know about it.

Where to find this feature on Instagram?

Instagram kept it hidden under the Advanced settings which most people usually ignore to see.

To find the alt text, go to advanced setting on the sharing page.

alt text Instagram examples

Under accessibility, you will find the alt text.

what is alt text instagram

Write everything you see in the picture. Describe your picture in the best way possible. This alt text won’t be visible to anyone but only to the Instagram algorithm.

how to view alt text instagram

Once you are done, save the alt text and share your post.

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What is alt text in Instagram?

Alt-text is the description of the picture in the text format that tells the Instagram algorithm what is the picture about.

Where to find alt text in Instagram?

You can find alt text feature in the advanced settings on the Instagram sharing page.

How to write the alt text in Instagram?

You can write the alt text in a simple format. For e.g., delicious Chinese food, birds flying over the lake, stunning red dress. It’s better to be as descriptive as possible as it increases the chances of getting your post to reach more people who are interested in that kind of content.

How did it work for you? Do tell me in the comments below.

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