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After passing 5 years of my engineering life, I started blogging in 2016 as a way to express my thoughts. I see it a way to connect with people and how i can set my thoughts free. I initially started as an anonymous person but soon i realised that i am not doing justice to myself by hiding my face and acting courageous in front of all. My other hobbies include gaming. I am a huge fan of GTA series and fifa. I like exploring. It always raise my curiosity bar. Being a 90s kid i experienced a lot of things.

Loud Speaker is a concept of expressing thoughts without any hesitation. Most of us are afraid to express our basic feelings and thoughts which sometimes i do too. I created this page to share my thoughts and feelings without any fear and to inspire others to do so. So here is my journey of being an extrovert. People are always welcome to share their ideas and original content on the website.

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